Damaged Dick Soap Sale

Sale price $20.00 Regular price $60.00

It's a New Year's clear out. I have been avoiding dealing with the reject soaps that aren’t good enough to sell online or at markets. So this year I’m facing this massive pile of discoloured dick soaps HEAD ON and holding a big damaged dicksoap sale. These soaps are fine to use, (in fact they are excellent high quality coconut oil soap!) but you wouldn’t want to gift them with their orange or brown discolourations. If you’ve been proudly showcasing your penis soap on a shelf, this is cost-effective way to stock up on a bunch to use.

All dick soaps are regular size (approx. 90g), unscented and come in neon colours, with discoloured spots. You'll receive a mixed bag, depending on availability.

Note: Discoloured soaps are fine to use but don't look nice enough to gift. So use them yourself and enjoy the wonders of coconut oil soap in this handy shape.