Trans Day of Visibility March 31

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Trans Day of Visibility March 31

Big shout out to all the Trans folks and allies that see this! I am so grateful for the many trans folks in my life and all I have learned from them around gender, the struggle of not fitting into the gender binary, and the joy in being yourself. As an ally there are so many things we can do to make the world more accepting of and comfortable for transgender people. If you are interested in learning more, consider following some trans influencers! They’ve got lived experience, valuable perspective and powerful ideas. Here are a few of the folks I follow on Instagram (in no particular order)…


At Naughty Soap Company, one of the ways I aim to support my Transgender community is by including TranSoaps in my product line. It started as a way to say to someone I care about that ‘I love you and accept you’. And now I love to see aunts and moms and friends and partners pick up one of these soaps for someone in their life with the same intention.
10% of sales buy gender-affirming books for local organizations and schools. And each bar comes with a transflag postcard and the Laverne Cox Quote, “I’ve never been interested in being invisible or erased.”

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