Happy New Year. 2023 Reflections, 2024 Scheming, plus soap sale!

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Happy New Year Folks! I love January and the chance to take a big, deep breath after the hubbub of the holidays. It’s a chance to reflect on what’s happened, figure out priorities for the coming year and let go of anything that needs to go. 

So as an interesting review, here are some insights about what was popular this year...

About a 1/6 of all vulva soaps had fancy stone bead clitorises. It seems to me we all want more of a spotlight on the clitoris.

Penis soaps outsold vulva soaps by about 25%.  Dicks are funny. Vulvas are empowering. Maybe we need more humour in our lives? I'm going to remain curious about this.

Of all my penis soaps sold, about 35% were unscented. And if they were XL then you liked them best if they were sparkly or black.

Bags of dicks remain popular and they outsold bags of nice by 20 to 1. This reaffirms my hunch. Naughty wins by a landslide!

Almost 150 Hidden Dick Bars are now in the unsuspecting bathrooms of your friends and relatives. I know there are stories out there. Share them!

Naughty cards really picked up this year. The winner of the popularity contest goes to 'You are Cliterally the Best!' It's nice to see the clit shining again.

I sold a a smattering of penis and vulva soap dishes and vulva resin ornaments. For all those who wanted a special item that won't wash away with regular use, I hope these all serve as great conversation starters and little reminders of delight.

And just to brag a little... I made over 200 different varieties of items in 2023! Talk about selection. There was cliterally something for everyone. 

I vended at 19 markets in 2023 and met so many fab people, some that led to 3 new retailers carrying Naughty Soaps!

Wow! Thank you. Our shared love of vulvas and penises made this possible. 

One of the things that I have been avoiding (eek!) is dealing with the reject soaps that aren’t good enough to sell. So this year I’m facing this massive pile of discoloured dick soaps head on and holding a big damaged dicksoap sale. These soaps are fine to use, (in fact they are excellent high quality coconut oil soap!) but you wouldn’t want to gift them with their orange or brown discolourations. If you’ve been proudly showcasing your penis soap on a shelf, this is the most affordable way to stock up on a bunch to use. 

5 for $20 (that’s $4 a dick!)

10 for $35 (even better at $3.50 a dick!)

20 for $60 (holy moly! You probably can’t make it for just $3 a dick!)

So please check out the sale at www.naughtsoap.ca and be greedy! I want these soaps gone and you want lots of high quality, weirdly discoloured dick soap. 

Next, a few things you can expect from me in the coming year.

  1. Once a month I am writing a blog post with a topic for the month, updates on new products, and opportunities to find me in person. Publishing my writing freaks me out, but I'm looking forward to diving into some interesting topics.
  2. More candles! My first test run was a success and you’ll be seeing more vulva and penis themed soy wax candles coming your way.
  3. More cards! I have plans to continue expanding the gift card line to tickle and titillate your feminist funny bone. 
  4. Did you know I make pottery? Can you guess what I like to make? …… Yup, I simply cannot get enough Vs and Ds in my soap making so watch for one of a kind vulva, clitoris and penis themed pottery coming your way.
  5. I am looking to expand the already stellar list of shops who carry Naughty Soap Company. If you are a shop or know of a shop who needs Naughty Soaps, reach out or send them my way. I’d love to spread the fun!

In the meantime, you can find Naughty Soaps at these rad businesses

Prince George     Two Rivers Gallery Shop

                            Cait’s Sweet Bites and Beanery

                            Coven House

Quesnel               Frisky’s Adult Novelty Shop

William’s Lake     Charm’s Adult Novelty Shop

Port Alberni         The Madman’s Wife

Wishing you all a good year! 

XO Michelle Biden

Queen and Commander,

Naughty Soap Company